Fortnum-Joy of Print 2024

In the heart of London, at the iconic intersection of Piccadilly and Duke Street, a visionary art installation breathes life into Fortnum’s new chinaware collection. This immersive piece transforms the elegant wildflower patterns of the tableware into a three-dimensional experience. 

Passersby are delighted by an enchanting display where oversized chinaware pieces, are encircled by the very patterns that dance off the fine china and into reality. The installation playfully nods to the brush-stroked wildflowers through meticulously layered paper artistry. This technique mimics the soft, brush-like effect on the pattern, adding a touch of whimsy to the sophistication that dances around the giant chinaware. It’s a celebration of how paper, cut and layered with precision, can evoke the joyous spontaneity of a painter’s brush, bringing an organic, tactile dimension to the iconic setting.

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