La Mer EID campaign

We’ve crafted paper photo props for La Mer luxury skincare brand’s EID 2024 campaign. Inspired by the enchanting allure of a secret garden at night, our designs capture the essence of this magical theme. The colors evoke the mystique of the nighttime, creating an ambiance of elegance and sophistication. These paper props serve as captivating adornments, enhancing the visual storytelling of La Mer’s campaign and captivating their audience with a touch of enchantment.


SVP, Global Creative: Jakob Daschek
VP, Global Creative: Bess Yoham
Creative Director: See Cheung
Art Director: Krit Chaicharoen
Jr. Art Director: Ali Abidi
Head of Production: Katherine Kordaris
Producer: Vanessa Ly
Production Coordinator: Landon Smith


Photographer: Dominic Neitz
Agent: Rika, Art Dept
Digital Tech: Kevin Trageser
Assistant: Jacob Wayler


Paper props for campaign: Edinas paper
Set Designer:Daniel Sean Murphy
Agent: Rika, Art Dept
Assistant: Melissa Chow