Four Seasons Festive Magic

A highlight of the installation is a large photo spot situated in front of the hotel’s restaurant KOLLÁZS – Brasserie & Bar, featuring a detailed paper facade of the Gresham Palace surrounded by the landmarks of Budapest. The stunning glass ornaments and Zsolnay tiles from the hotel’s interior are reflected in the art nouveau style buildings added to the cityscape, creating a one-of-a-kind Budapest inspired by the location. In close collaboration with the hotel’s florist, Arioso, Edina’s Paper has also designed exquisite paper ornaments for the Christmas tree. Inspired by the motifs of the palace’s interior and iron gate, these ornaments showcase peacock colors with a touch of gold and reflective surfaces, harmonizing seamlessly with the baubles of Arioso.

The intricate paper facades and ornaments are a testament to Edina’s and her team’s craftsmanship and dedication, with over 300 hours spent designing and more than 1000 hours assembling every delicate detail. Each iconic facade has been skillfully translated into layers, laser-cut in Edina’s Paper studio, and meticulously hand-assembled into three-dimensional buildings.

The iconic Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace proudly announces its collaboration with local brand Edina’s Paper to present a breathtaking festive installation that celebrates the art nouveau grandeur of the historic Gresham Palace.

Renowned for its timeless elegance, the Gresham Palace stands as a landmark in the heart of Budapest. In honor of the city’s 150th birthday and to pay homage to the architectural marvel that is its building, Four Seasons Hotel Budapest has teamed up with Edinas Paper, a Hungarian brand based in Budapest, specialized in cutting edge paper installations, whose works have conquered the world.

Edina Németh, CEO and Paper Visionary behind Edinas Paper, shares her excitement about the collaboration: “As the Gresham Palace has always been one of my favourite facades in my city, collaborating with Four Seasons Hotel Budapest on creating a festive decoration that would impress both children and adults is a true honour.” Drawing inspiration from the art nouveau interior elements of the Gresham Palace, Edina and her team have meticulously designed a festive installation that captures the essence of the historic landmark. The abundance of details in the iron gate by the entrance serves as a muse, with the majestic peacock taking center stage as the main character, connecting this year’s concept in both shape and color.