DIOR FJ Xmas 2022

For the 2022 Christmas season, we collaborated with Dior’s Creative team to design and produce paper Granville Houses for their Fine Jewelry displays globally. Our meticulous attention to detail ensured top-quality production for large quantities suited for all of their 110 FJ windows in the world. The miniature paper houses taking inspiration from the Granville House so important in Monsieur Dior’s life, elegantly presented the jewelry against backlit windows. The long process of finetuning the prototypes, the starry sky in the background, the level of detail combined with the subtle lighting, the placement of the jewellery pieces adds up to the breathtaking result.  In case of global rollouts, we also design the custom made packaging of the items as well in order to ensure their safe delivery to their final destination. We give detailed information about how the local teams will open the box, and step by step instructions to install the delicate paper items. 

Creative concept: Dior VM Creative Team
Prototyping, Technical development, worldwide production: Edinas paper
Photographer Kristen Pelou