Fortnum- Halloween 2023

We are delighted to share the seven Halloween windows that we made based on the  creative direction of the amazing Fortnum’s team. We prepared everything in our studio and carefully wrapped to be delivered to Piccadilly, to take their final place on the Duke street.

It took us more than 170 hours to design, over 1100 hours to assemble. The spider web was 12 hours to weave, and each spider leg took our team 2 hours to cover with tiny paper hair.


The carefully handassembled paper moths took their final place in the window of Fortnums in a beautiful colour harmony with the carefully chosen products. The other windows on theDuke street run with the copper colour scheme include some large scaled beetles,
we enjoyed so much creating these enchanted, eeire yet elegant creatures. To enhance the golden and copper
details we added some leaves on the paper trunks that work perfectly together with the copper kitchenware displayed. The lasercut peacock feathers were added to the suspended paper branch to create an athmosphere of a mysterious forest highlighting some stunning glasses of perfume. The silver, grey windows are complete with three Giant spiders, all together about 100 hours to make with tiny paper hairs on the legs and body. The golden leaves and grey background really help for the red bag to be the center of attention.  All the windows were designed in a way that the shapes printed on the backdrops resonate with the foliage and shape of leaves we used.

One of the silver windows for @fortnums featured a paper owl that was made in brown and silver tones. The tree that belonged in this window was covered with paperfeathers in the same tones. This window highlighted some porcelain from @herendporcelain which is a renowned Hungarian brand with its iconic fishscale pattern.