Nespresso PR box

We are passionate about creating an experience, whenever your Client meets your brand. Whether it is small like a PR box or big as a window display. The invitation to see the Nespresso window display, and launching the campaign sent to the press in this custom made box. The capsule strategically placed in the ornament, explains our inspiration in the first moment. Choosing the right paper can sometimes be a crucial part of the project. To emphasize the committment of Nespresso to create a positive impact, for the ornaments we chose Favini Crush Coffee and Hazelnut. Each paper is made with 100 % green energy and the colour and texture ks achieved by adding industrial waste products. For the white elements we chose Kaffee Recycelt which due to the recycled content, gives an interesting a pattern and every sheet of paper is unique.

The QR code leads to the landing page of the collaboration.

Exclusive stationery, Branding


Budapest, Hungary

January 2021