The five meter wide paper structure of more than a thousand modules was completely hand assembled. The modules are sliding into each other, being able to hold their on weight without gluing.  Light is always something that needs to be considered when designing an installation, however it is definitely an uncertain factor as it depends greatly on the weather and the time of day. We were delighted with the amazing surprise effect of the sunlight playing on the paper texture.

Modular design

The custom made module was inspired by the wrestling people leaning against each ther in the motifs of the United World Wrestling logo. The 1300 modules slide into each other creating a strong structure. We made more than a thousand modules to create this distinctive structure. As elements of the modules were created beforehand in our studio, assembly on location was quite effective of the structure with a surface of more than 10 square meters.


Branding, Event design, Installation

United World Wrestling

Budapest Congress Center

October 2018

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