EGNE Spring 2022

We believe in longterm partnerships, we are delighted to share some details for the spring window we designed for EGNE. We love how their brand colours, these two strong blues fit together, making the composition of our window so much more effective. The blue shades and the coral colours make the flamingos pop out even more. Their neck shows a movement which makes the composition even more exciting. Each feather was lasercut, shaped by hand and then placed one by one to create these amazing creatures.

When we are working on three-dimensional animals like this flamingo, we usually integrate a metal structure inside to help us create volume and ensure the strength, like this it can easily stand on its own, and can be placed into another setting, enabling the elements to later turn into an interior display element or a showstopping exhibition design.

Window display, Branding

EGNE, Spring 2022

Kosice, Slovakia

March 2022