Winter wonderland

The white facades of Kosice architectonical landmarks serve as a base for the window display, as each season a new seasonal element is added. For the colder seasons, we decided to bring a mesmerizing winter wonderland to life, as an addition to the white facades. Some of the elements are kinetic and have extra build-in lighting, in order to draw extra attention towards the window display from passers-by Edinas paper team put extra emphasis on incorporating the pieces of jewelry in the composition in order to properly display them.

FEATURED ON   Design and Paper


festive spirit

The detailed Ferris wheel is placed in the center of the composition displaying the exclusive engagement rings of Egne sitting in the cabins. Movement was an important part of the design, as it slowly turns and lights up between the houses it definitely sets the festive mood. The skating couple and the sleigh are also kinetic elements that feature jewelry boxes of Egne as Christmas presents. 


With our strong belief in long term collaboration as well as sustainability, we came up with a concept for EGNE  window display that is capable of renewing itself and showing a new side every season. So from the beginning, the team designed with all the seasons in mind.

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