The layers depicting the silhouettes of Budapest are in the focus of the window display designed for Omorovicza Hungary. To emphasize the presence of the brand and the connection to the city, we highlighted the building of Racz Spa that has been renovated by the Omorovicza family in the 1800s.u00a0 Other silhouettes of our beloved Budapest can be seen that creates a setting fro the exclusive products in the window. The peacock is one of the main brand elements as it can be seen in the logo and in the interior of the flagship store itself.u00a0

peacock as brand element.

The paper peacock was made out of hundreds of paper feathers that were all shaped by hand to reach their final level of detail.u00a0 Among the crisp white paper facades the stunning blue and green stands out while making a subtle reference to the logo itself.


The window display was designed with the idea that it would be a great background all year long to the amazing products of Omorovicza. We will have additions to the clean white facades each season that makes it up to date throughout the whole year.

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