Omorovicza Institute

The main concept of the window installation  for the brand new Omorovicza Institute on the Andrassy Avenue was to create a mood of lightness and to recreate a sensation of the reflection of the water surface. The design of the window installation completely fits into the atmosphere of the new interior of the Omorovicza Institute, however it stands out, and draws attention to the products showcased with the lightness and levitating effect of the installation. The movement of the mobiles are to represent the shimmering surface of water. Inspired by the excellent work of Alexander Calder it was fun to invite this playful element into the installation.

“Stephen and I feel the ultimate luxury is time and space – we hope to convey a sense of that at our Budapest Institute. When it came time to think of a window display, we knew Edina could create something special. These small designs are actually our logo (a peacock feather) though when assembled like this – they appear to be lilly pads on which our products rest. We love this idea as one of our most precious resources at Omorovicza is our very unique mud – from the largest active thermal lake in the world full of lovely lilly pads.​”

Margaret De Heinrich Co- Founder Omorovicza


Branding, Window display, 

Andrassy Avenue

March 2021

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