Nespresso x Edinas paper

One part of the installation we designed for Nespresso represents that everything that we do is made up of several layers, and if you place those elements on top of each other you start to see how they become one by the end of the day. Recycling is a very important issue for Nespresso and for all of us, this window display was created to emphasize their committment to make every cup of coffee CO2 neutral by 2020. The other part of the window display is emphasizing the main message of the campaign ‘Doing is everything.’ The letters are cut out of the lace pattern of the Nespresso capsule outlines, these intricate cutouts are layered after each other, which add up to form the letters. This is a great example of a very delicate way to incorporate branding into an installation. The message is strong, the layers and ornaments are made from the smallest yet most widely recognized symbol of the brand.


Window display, Branding


Andrassy Avenue, Budapest

January  2021