Essential Heal PR box

It is a carefully designed chain of events to create an experience. It is the sensation of the paper when you take off the lasercut paper band from the box, it is the click of the magnet as the lid opens, it is the smooth movement of the pop up elements that unfold in front of your eyes. It is absolutely worth it to invest in a custom made design, as this offline encounter will definitely be remembered.

natural elements

These #keaycolours papers work well with @favinipapers Crush colours to emphasize the natural elements of the brand. These elements were carefully assembled together into compositions that will fit into a PR box designed to introduce the products of Essential Heal.

Graphical elements

The choice of paper was to emphasize the natural quality, the shapes were chosen from the ingredients the essential oils included that are in the PR box. This is how you make a memorable experience for the unboxing videos while elevating brand experience.

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