EGNE autumn display

We were commissioned to design a window display on the main street of Kosice for this exclusive jewellery showroom that will draw the attention of the people passing by. As we believe in longterm collaboration and sustainability, we proposed a design that is capable of showing its new side every season. From the beginning we designed with all the seasons in mind. The white facades of Kosice landmarks serve as a base for the window display, and each season we add a seasonal element.  This representation of the Beggar’s house where the exclusive jewellery showroom is located was created from several layers of paper with different thicknesses. The roof is made out of 1400 lasercut tiles to maximise the three-dimensional effect, all of the pieces were glued by hand. For the autumn concept we designed an art noveau inspired leave compositions with some additional rose gold hot foil details.

Featured on HYPE AND HYPER

Window display, Branding


Kosice, Slovakia


October 2020