We produced paper foliage for DIOR Christmas windows 2021 in several European locations based on the creative design of the Dior Creative design team and Wanda Barcelona. The paper foliage produced for DIOR Xmas windows 2021 are made out of delicate layers of white, white gold and golden paper, emphasizing their beautiful pattern they were mounted on the wallpaper with golden details, where the golden lights further elevate the festive mood. Several different types of paper foliage was produced for the windows, used in one composition to create this dreamy effect of the pattern with delicate golden details turning threedimensional. The golden details of the wallpaper and the harmony of the paper foliage draw attention to the beautiful DIOR products displayed in the windows.

Creative concept:
DIOR Creative Team
Paper elements design 
Wanda Barcelona
Production paper foliage Edinas paper
Production for Boutiques:
London Harrods, Hamburg, Berlin KaDeWe, Munchen, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Prague